knitwear / ayacucho, peru

our knitting project in Peru is an award winning sustainable project
working with young mothers from disadvantages neighbourhoods creating economic,
social and cultural opportunities for them.
Focusing on women empowerment, community development
and specialising in local handicrafts which have provided livelihood for women in these regions for generations. 
knitwear / tamil nadu, india
our knitwear workshop in south india supports local women
by creating full time employment
and reliable training opportunities through which they are financially independent
and therefore have a more stable position in society.
this workshop is based in the same town jaggery founder Theresa grew up in.
Each jaggery knit is made by a different pair of hands
therefore there might be little imperfections.
We cherish these little imperfections and feel they are part of the unique beauty of each product.
Our items all take time to finish as they are hand knitted,
hand assembled and often have intricate crochet finishes.
handloom cottons , bangalore, india 
all our handloom cottons & bengali linen pieces are made in an ethical & sustainable design & tailoring studio in bangalore, India. Focusing on using end of line & left over fabrics.
We are so proud and grateful to be working with these amazing projects, crafters and makers.
At jaggery we celebrate everything handmade
and handcrafted
while focusing on a slow and gentle production.