jaggery fair & ethically knitted by hand
Our JAGGERY knitwear is made fair & ethically in a knitting workshop in Auroville, South India. All of the makers involved in creating one of our knits are experienced highly skilled crafters and artisans from the surrounding villages of Auroville. They are all paid a pension fund, paid fair living wages, have their and their families health insurance paid for, and the workshop provides them a reliable and respectful working environment. Each item is made by a different pair of hands therefore there might be little imperfections. We cherish these little imperfections and feel they are part of the unique beauty of each product. Our items all take time to finish as they are hand knitted, hand assembled and often have intricate crochet finishes.
block print & handloom
jaggery fair & ethically made
The latest addition to the JAGGERY range is our beautiful handloom cotton & block print collection. For this collection we are working with another wonderful project, a tailoring workshop in Auroville only using their left over/end of line fabrics. Ranging from colourful blockprints to delicate handloom fabrics. And as always focusing on a respectful & slow production.
We are so proud and grateful to be working with these amazing projects, crafters and makers. For us supporting the slow and gentle production process, the handmade and the handcrafted is so important. We want to help keep alive certain traditions and skills that have been taught and practised around the world for centuries. Skills and techniques passed on from generation to generation that have brought us pieces of art, intricatetly crafted garments and especially durable goods.
Let’s help keep these traditions alive together!