At JAGGERY we promote a conscious approach to laundry care.

We believe the better you take care of your knitwear, the longer it will last.

We recommend using natural soaps and washing liquids that are made from organic and natural ingredients.

They are gentle on your/your family's skin and gentle on the environment as 100% biodegradable.

The synthetic ingredients and optical brighteners in conventional laundry products can damage the yarn and leave it feeling dry and looking dull.

A more conscious approach to is laundry care is better for the planet and better for you.

Often it is enough to air your knitwear between wearing them but every now and then they might need to be washed gently.

We recommend you to wash them by hand. If washing your JAGGERY woollens by hand please make sure the water temperature for the wash and rinse stays the same to avoid shrinkage and felting.

You can also wash them on a cold 20degree machine wool programme but this is at your own risk as often knitwear washed in the machine will shrink more than if washed by hand and there again, easpecially for woollens, please make sure your machine washes and rinses at the same temperature and doesn't spin more than 400 times. Roll up wet knitwear in a towel to absorb excess water, then dry flat & ENJOY!

Never soak hand knits.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about the natural products we use or if you have anymore questions regarding the care of your JAGGERY knits.