We believe in SUPPORTING the makers behind our products in every way.
With our production we grow and strengthen community around pieces made entirely by hand,
slowly and with care.
We believe the only way forward is a production that is 100% RESPECTFUL. 
Respectful to our makers and our environment.
All the projects and workshops we choose to work with
help create livelihoods for local women and provide them with health care & quality family support.
Our production also supports little artisan groups of makers within the surrounding communities as our knitters knit together either at our workshops or in smaller groups in each others homes or community halls.
This focus on 
women empowerment through TOGETHERNESS is the essence of our brand.
jaggery was founded by Theresa who grew up in South India
(where our first collections for jaggery were knitted)
and who always dreamt of setting up a small business