organic cotton
our organic cotton is 100% natural organic peruvian or indian cotton.
it is responsibly sourced and for our colour collection, dyed with azo free dyes.
this organic cotton has a beautiful soft texture and our knitters enjoy working with it, as it is a smooth and easy yarn to knit with.
we hope you will love our cottons as much as we do!
for our wool collection we use argentinian highland wool, peruvian alpaca, baby alpaca or an alpaca & organic cotton mix.
these wool yarns or alpaca yarns are natural or natural fibre blends.
all our wool / alpaca is mulesing & cruelty free
and only comes from sheep and alpacas treated & sheared
with care and respect. 
all cotton & wool used in our production in india is left over / end of line wool or cotton yarn.
all our buttons are made from recycled shells which are dyed, if required, with the same azo free dyes as our knitwear.
We are always on the look out for new
& more sustainable materials and ways of producing,
to create goods that are kind to our makers,
our planet
& to you xx