organic cotton
All of our cotton is 100% natural organic Indian cotton. It is responsibly sourced and dyed with azo free dyes. This organic cotton has a beautiful soft and light texture and our knitters enjoy working with it, as it is a lovely smooth and easy yarn to knit with. We hope you will love our cotton as much as we do!
All our buttons are made from recycled shells which are dyed, if required, with the same azo free dyes as our knitwear.
We only use leather offcuts and end of line leather. The tannery that has been supplying our leather workshop for nearly 20 years has an effluent waste water treatment plant to avoid chemicals getting into the ground water. All leather is dyed with azo free dyes. 
Our beads are glass beads sourced at markets local to Auroville and its villages. 
Most bead suppliers are small family run businesses who only produce and sell in small batches. It often makes our earring collections very limited editions as it is hard to find ethically sourced good quality beads.
The wool we use for our JAGGERY winter collections is all end of line/leftover wool.
We use up all the end of line/leftover wool from some of the knitwear workshops' other clients, making sure those good yarns do not go to waste, by creating knitwear you will LOVE.
All JAGGERY goods are wrapped in a 100% organic cotton furoshiki style wrap (which can be reused as a face towel, head scarf, gift wrap, etc...) and then posted to you in a recyclable cardboard box.
All our business cards are printed on 100% recycled cotton.
We are always trying to source more sustainable and ethically produced materials as they are better for the makers, our planet and for you!