PEPITA hat / alpaca & pima cotton / silver cloud
PEPITA hat / alpaca & pima cotton / silver cloud PEPITA hat / alpaca & pima cotton / silver cloud

fluffy soft 

hand knitted hat

keep warm HEAD to toe xx


56% undyed alpaca & 44% undyed pima cotton / mulesing free

this yarn is all natural, untreated and not bleached


these measurements can vary slightly as all our knits are handmade

suitable for heads up to 58cm circumference

depending on your head circumference they might feel a little snug at first but will then cosily mould to your head with wear xx

please note we chose not to use any acrylic or polyamide yarn mixes which means that this alpaca knit will wear naturally and giving it a beautiful fluffy wild look. a feel and look we wanted to keep as natural as possible. any pilling that might occur can be gently picked off by hand. see our care page for more details.

as this hat is knitted by hand with 2 needles there might be small differences in each one. In our eyes these differences add a special JAGGERY touch and are what makes each item beautifully unique.

We recommend you to AIR your knits more frequently and wash them less. wool has such fabulous self cleaning and odour resisting properties that frequent washing is not always necessary. on stains it is often enough to just gently clean the affected area with lukewarm water. washing too frequently leaves your woollens dry/felted or over stretched. hand washing them gently if needed is best.