CARLA women's knitted wool trousers / black pepper

Comfy & warm high waisted woollen trousers with an elastic waistband. Enjoy wearing them every day in winter with your favourite JAGGERY jumper!



100% wool


size 1 = 10uk

size 2 = 10-12uk

size 3 = 12-14uk

size 4 = 16-18uk


please note with these trousers is is very important to DRY them FLAT and make sure to choose the right size as wearing them too tightly fitted might cause them to tear and we also recommend to give them a little 'rest' and airing between wears making sure the knit doesnt wear out at stress points.


As these trousers are knitted by hand (on a knitting machine 100% woman/man powered / no electricity used) there might be small differences in each one. In our eyes these differences add a special JAGGERY touch and are what makes each item beautifully unique.


We recommend you to AIR your knits more frequently and wash them less. wool has such fabulous self cleaning and odour resisting properties that frequent washing is not necessary. on stains it is often enough to just gently clean the affected area with lukewarm water. washing to frequently leaves your woollens dry/felted or over stretched. if you do need to wash we recommend you to wash your JAGGERY knitwear by hand or on a 20degree/cold wool programme with a maximum 400rpm spin, using a mild detergent (please note that if washed in the machine these hand knits might shrink a little bit more than if gently washed by hand). gently form back into shape after wash. never pull. Dry flat and enjoy!